1 Day Lighting Workshop | March 12th | Washington, DC



Speedlite + Grid + 1/2 CTO Warming Gel + Lighstand

What are your workshops all about?
My 1 Day Lighting Workshops focus on portrait lighting techniques that can be applied to weddings, engagement sessions, and editorial shoots.

What will I learn?
Using speedlites, I’ll teach you my 5 go-to lighting setups, with modifiers and shaping tools. You’ll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of how to shape your lights with grids, gels, specialty umbrellas, ring flashes and portable soft boxes.


Speedlite + Grid + VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand)

Intimidated by the gear?
Don’t be. I’ll introduce you to all the tools in my kit, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with each one. I’ll demo each piece of equipment first, then you’ll get a chance to shoot and play!

When & Where?
Hosted by my good friend and photographer Kirth Bobb, the workshop will take place at Creative Hands on March 12, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Who is JVS?
JVS is short for Joseph Victor Stefanchik and I’ve been a full-time commercial and editorial photographer since 1995. Based in Rosemary Beach, Florida, I also photograph weddings with the love of my life, Candice KausHagen.

As a photojournalist, I traveled the world documenting incredible stories and was fortunate to win a number of awards including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for International Photojournalism (twice) as well as being named a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Over the years I’ve photographed music legends and big screen faces, the atrocities of civil war and landmines in Angola, traversed down the Panama Canal in a Panamax ship and froze my butt off photographing the Nagano Winter Olympic Games. And believe it or not, I also have a passion for food photography.

My wedding photography has been awarded by WPPI, SWPP, WPJA, AGWPJA, WPJA, and Fearless Photographers. I’ve also been a competition judge for WPPI, SWPP, Fearless Photographers, Inspiration Awards, Dutch Masters of Photography, BodaF, PWS, and PWPC.

I’ve been teaching photography workshops around the globe concentrating on creative lighting techniques since 2004. Sharing my knowledge with fellow photographers and helping them raise their game is a real thrill!


 Speedlite + Photek Soflighter II + Boom Stand

My goal is to help you improve your work with lighting that’s simple, fast and effective. (And fun. I promise we’ll have a lot of fun!)

Sound interesting? Here‘s what some of my past workshop students have to say about their experience:

“I just attended one of JVS’ workshops recently. I was truly inspired by it. Working primarily with natural light (and loving it), I had the urge to add something to my photography. He made it happen. Trusting trigger/receiver systems for the first time is a huge step for me. Happy to be happy to pack new toys for playing and experiencing with light in a totally different way.”
– Stefy Hilmer

“The most important thing to me about JVS Workshops is that it gives you a whole range of skill-sets that enables you to set yourself apart from your competition. Being able to walk into ANY situation, be it harsh sun outdoors or a dimly lit room indoors, and being able to use lighting to walk away with professional photographs every single time is an invaluable skill for any photographer.”
– Jason Hudson

“I have been shooting since 1993, and your workshop proved that you can truly teach new photographers with no off-camera flash experience in the same workshop as people with plenty of experience with off-camera flash. Your knowledge of different triggering systems is profound, as is your knowledge of different camera systems. You also demonstrate that there is often more than one way to solve the same problem…and the more ways you know, the easier your job is.

Some people light to create drama. Some people light to properly expose a subject. Some people light to flatter bodies. You know when to do each, and how to blend them to create the look you are hoping for better than most photographers out there.

You show all of this and more in your workshops, while also giving everyone a chance to try their hand with any modifier or light that they are interested in.

Amazing workshop. Amazing presenter. Can’t wait to catch up with you for a beer the next time we are within 25 miles of each other.”
– Kevin Ferguson

Bonus – JVS Signature Portrait!
-Every student will be personally photographed by me and receive a finished digital negative. 


Speedlite + Parabolix Reflector

Bonus – Photo Coaching!
-Every student will receive a one-hour, One-On-One photo coaching session with me after the workshop. This is a great time to answer any questions that may arise after you’ve gone home and tried some of the techniques that you learned at the workshop.

Bonus – Door Prize!
One lucky student will win a dual camera strap from HoldFast Gear!

Sign me up!
Tuition for the workshop is $500- and includes a light breakfast and lunch, along with drinks and snacks throughout the day.  A 50% retainer is due on or before February 24th and the remaining balance will be due on or before March 1st.

The workshop will be limited to 10 students. SOLD OUT, thank you!

JVS Workshops reserves the right to cancel or postpone a Workshop if attendance doesn’t meet the minimum 10 student requirement. In the event of a cancellation, all Workshop payments will be refunded.

If you’ve registered for one of JVS’ Workshops but have a change of plans and cannot attend, there are two options available for you. 1) If you can successfully re-book your registered spot before the Workshop starts, JVS will issue you a refund of your Workshop payment. 2) If your spot isn’t re-booked, your Workshop payment can be applied to a future Workshop, Mentor or Coaching session with JVS.

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