Boardertown Skate Shop


JVS Workshops MagMod MagGrids

Nick Gibson, manager at Boardertown Skate Shop in Ft. Smith, AR, pulls a frontside kick turn on the over vertical wall.

JVS Workshops MagMod MagGrids

Backside alley oop layback wall ride by Gibson.

JVS Workshops MagMod MagGrids

Frontside indy nose bone by Tyler Freeman.

JVS Workshops MagMod MagGrids

Frontside nose blunt by Gibson.

 Tech Data:

-Canon 1Dx + Canon 24-70 II
-3 Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites + ST-E3 transmitter
-3 MagGrids from MagMod
-Bogen nano clamp + bogen mini ballhead + Frio
-3 Quantum Turbo blades batteries

Check back on Wednesday for a few behind the scenes images from this shoot with MagMod’s MagGrids… the new standard in Speedlite grids.

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