Become a Workshop Host

I’ve been teaching lighting workshops to photographers around the globe since 2004 and I’m always on the lookout for a new place to teach! From Brazil to Peru, Argentina, and Europe… I love empowering photographers with a new set of off-camera flash skills.

Are you interested in hosting one of my lighting workshops in your city, town or country? Are you ready to help me wrangle up 10 of your photographer friends for an eye-opening, hands-on workshop experience?

If you answered YES, take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

A workshop host will help me secure a location for the workshop. It could be your studio, a local wedding venue, a loft, creative workspace, or another great spot you have in mind.

For a successful workshop, the venue must meet the following requirements:

-Seating for up to 16.
-Running water, with a kitchen and bathroom.
-Air-conditioning (summer) and heat (winter).
-Ceilings that are at least 8 feet high.
-An actual “photo studio” would be the ideal setting

If a studio rental is the only option, please send me a few options along with their rental rates.

In order for me to teach my workshop, the local host will gather/recruit a minimum of 10 photographer’s (not including the host), 16 maximum. The host will need to market the workshop to their local/regional photographer peers.

I will not announce the workshop to the general public until we have at least 8 photographer’s registered.

In exchange for successfully booking a workshop (10 minimum students), the local host will receive a complimentary seat to the workshop!

My workshop host will need to assist me in arranging for the light breakfast. This may include running a few errands, picking up supplies, snacks, and drinks or food for the breakfast.

It’s highly preferable for lunch to be delivered to the workshop venue in order to maximize learning time. However, if for some reason that isn’t possible, the next best option would be a restaurant within walking distance.

We will need models (one female, one male) for the workshop.

The models will be given high-res, retouched images in exchange for their time. These could be past clients of yours. The models cannot be photographers.

Tuition for the 1 Day Lighting Workshop is $500- and includes a light breakfast and lunch, along with drinks and snacks throughout the day.

In exchange for securing the venue and a minimum of 10 students, the workshop host will receive complimentary tuition.